The Beginning Of My Ascendance

9 September 1972
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Sunnybrook School - Toronto ON CA (1977 - 1980)
Churchill Heights Public School - Toronto ON CA (1980 - 1985)
Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute - Toronto ON CA (1985 - 1990)
University of Western Ontario - London ON CA (1990 - 1994)
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absolute power, black, cheese, classical music, cunctating, dancing, feminism, flirting, gaming, girls, intelligent people, investing, kissing, macroeconomics, madonna, magic: the gathering, parties, passion, plants, power, rants, reading, threesomes, toronto, travel, tribades, ultimate, writing
I used to write amusing anecdotes or semi-thoughtful commentary, but recently I've been ranting about Magic, something that 90% of you have no interest in. I think I'm done with that for now and hopefully we'll soon return to our regular, irregularly scheduled, programming. appears that *that* is not about to happen. As you can likely see from my April 22nd post that I keep updating every 1-2 days, my sister has gone missing and now we're trying to find her. So my blog has kind of been taken over for now.

I have no private posts, friending me offers no benefits other than bringing you to my attention. I try to keep with everyone else's journals, but I've had a lot trouble finding time recently - my apologies in advance.

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