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Will The Pain Ever End? - The Beginning Of My Ascendance — LiveJournal
April 11th, 2007
06:36 pm


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Will The Pain Ever End?

Oh my god, I don't believe it happened again. One is going to start thinking I'm just horrible at this game.

On the plus side, Magic Online v3.0 won't work on my current computer, so perhaps my agony will be ended for me.

Opening pack I'm facing Sulfurous Blast, Castle Raptors and Stuffy Doll. Blast is the correct choice (I think), but I have come to HATE the Blast. It kills all your creatures, but doesn't always kill his. Once in a while it's amazing when you fall behind, often it's an even trade, and maybe it's three to the head. The Raptors are very, very solid.

I take the Blast anyway. Get passed foil Lightning Axe and a bunch more red cards. Don't really have a second colour so I go with blue and have a Kraken and some weak blue. Final build - mostly red with 10 Mountains and 7 Islands. I have Warrens and two Grapeshot to go with Whispers, Dead, Lightning Axe and Brute Force as just the 1cc spells, not to mention two Coal Stokers. My hope is to get storm synergy (two suspend guys) or fast attackers with some removal, or at worst, Sulfurous Blast once I've put out the Wildfire Emissary, Slipstream Serpent or Deep-Sea Kraken.

Game 1 I roll him. He's a 1601 ranking and I remove all his creatures and don't even need to pop the Kraken for the win. I miss my fourth land drop, but that's okay - my decks can handle that for a turn. Game end has me at 6 lands and 10 spells. I note that he's playing Havenwood Wurm.

Game 2 I should have mulliganed. I keep 3 mountains, 2 islands, Skycutter and Primal Plasma. I then throw away the Plasma when he has 7 mana untapped and I foolishly attack into Havenwood Wurm. I'm an idiot. He draws four slivers to my Mogg War Marshal and Ironclaw Buzzardiers and I get my but kicked with 10 lands and 6 spells, including an un-popped Kraken. I note that he actually has TWO Havenwood Wurms.

Game 3. Opening hand:

Coal Stoaker, Conflagrate, Synchronous Sliver, Ironclaw Buzzardiers, Snapback, Island, Island.

Do you keep?

Obviously not - even if you draw one of your ten mountains, you also need to draw lands 3, 4 and 5 to get your curve out. And the Stoker doesn't curve into anything if you play the Buzzardiers on turn 3. The removal is pricey or temporary - there's little to like about this hand.

So why did I keep it?

See game 2 - I'm an idiot. I was playing first and didn't want to risk getting screwed, which is stupid, stupid, stupid. I should have drawn against him, because my deck has a half-dozen cheap removal spells and can handle the rush of inadequate creatures.

Turn 1: Island
Turn 2: Island
Turn 3: Curse the Gods
Turn 4: Opponent asks why I'm upset with my draw as I discard Conflagrate.
Turn 5: Island, Snapback Mana Skimmer (LD always shows up at times like these!)
Turn 6: Begin writing LJ post in my head.
Turn 7: Island.

His board is Mana Skimmer (tapping my Island) and Phantom Wurm. Amazingly, I'm not dead! I play Coal Stoker, Dead the Skimmer and Grapeshot the Wurm to 3/1. In response, he flashes in Havenwood Wurm. Oh well, so much for not being dead.

On his turn, Uktabi Drake joins the fun and Strength in Numbers finishes me off when I block! And of course from my opponent...

"Good Game".

Fuck You.

(Of course, I didn't actually say that, and it's not his fault at all, but I had to let it out for all of you who have always wanted to say it)

Final Tally - 9 spells, 5 lands, which just goes to show that the order they arrive in can often matter a lot more than how many actually appear. I'm heading back into the trenches because I'm on tilt - expect another update in about 45 minutes.

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Date:April 12th, 2007 12:45 pm (UTC)
See? The curse of Time Spiral Mountains.

Outside of Lighgtning Axe and Conflagrate, I don't think there's a (non-rare) red card that I respect any more -- maybe Pyrohemia, but even that's dicey (and a 3rd pack semi-rare). Dealing damages in packets of 1 (Grapeshot, Pyromancer, Shambler), 2 (Skycutter, Shock, Cannonade, Dead, non-main Blast), or 3 (Rift Bolt, main Blast) doesn't help you against fat stupidity like Ephemeron, Baloth, or Ivory Giant... hell, even Corpulent Corpse is fairly resiliant to most of red's tricks thanks to so few 2+ packets -- and that's just the early common suspend dudes; meanwhile, red's early suspend guy dies to anything that even looks at him funny, including two modes of Midnight Charm, and the rest of the red team isn't anything to write home about either. Stingscourger might buy you a turn or two, but unless you're bouncing a suspend guy, probably not for long.

My experience of red v. the other colors:

* Most of blue's morphs can flip out of reasonable burn range and their suspend guys are generally superior -- and even their "kill" spells (Parasite, Mutation, Pongify, Eddy, Snapback, Cancel) tend to be more potent than red's burn. An alpha strike thanks to a Veiling Oddity isn't unheard of in my experience, assuming they don't just fly and/or shadow you to death first.
* White will probably overwhelm you with flanking or flying guys before you get the chance to kill most of them -- or drop a Whitemane when you try. Ivory Giant looks a lot like Veiling Oddity when your life total is <10. The first decent creature you land will find itself Isolated (or maybe Sunlaced), and the second may come too late to matter.
* Black is using its more efficient kill spells to pick off your guys regardless of their toughness, often gaining life and making your job that much more difficult. Its guys may actually be less impressive than red's overall, but what, exactly, does red do against Gorgon unless there's an Axe handy?
* Green is either unloading more fat, unleashing the saproling hordes, or backboning a multicolored army of slivers. Who the hell gave green wings anyway? Stupid Dustwasps.
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Date:April 28th, 2007 06:39 pm (UTC)

I've given up and switched to 9th Edition Sealed (4X) this afternoon. I of course lost the first round to Blaze, Blaze in games 2 and 3, but to be fair, I can't say my draw was spectacularly bad. I have no removal, but fantastic flying creatures (though my Vampire still hasn't shown himself)

And I did manage 8-2-1 at the Pre-Release and red may finally have gotten some reasonable cards with the 4/4 for R4 and the scry-bolt.

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