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Best In The World?

I'm back at the draft table. An 8-4 draft again, looking forward to a weekend of online Magic fun and no bathing.

In my draft is Gainsay, who I believe is former pro Andrew Cuneo and won the invite to the World Champs a few years ago. Also in the draft is Finkel. The Finkel. I get all giggly inside - as Krakower says, I have a non-sexual crush on Finkel. I admire success and good looks, and he's got both! I suspect he doesn't feel the same about me, especially after a certain sea-sickness incident on a South African shark-viewing boat with an open bar that I took full advantage of, but that's a story for another day.

The draft opens with Soot and Stuffy Doll. I go with the removal and follow it up with Careful Consideration over Fathom Seer. No blue or black (or anything else for that matter) seems to be coming through (third-pick Lens) and I'm passing up Mindstabs because there's nothing else to see. After pack one I have a Trespasser to go with the Soot, and a bunch of mediocre blue cards (blue is always hotly contested at the 8-4 table).

Pack two doesn't help me out - the Seer put someone close to me in blue downstream, and I think they're taking the black as well. I first-pick Dark Withering to go with all my madness outlets and see no other madness cards though I do snag a second-pick Expanse...sigh. My top unmentioned picks after two packs are a two Stormcloud Djinns, Spiketail Hatchling, Snapback and a late Phthisis. Then it's down to gray ogres and Mystical Teaching type picks.

I'm set for a third colour (probably red to go with the Soot) in pack three and I'm gifted with the UWR Dragon! Which I can't play. Despite a U/W storage land, the double splash is a mistake. I get tormented a bit more 5-6 packs later with the BGW Dragon. Bastard dragons and their haughty reptilian smirks.

I do pick up Jodah's Avenger which I've played against but never with, as well as 3 Erratic Mutation. I'm not sure if I'm over-estimating it or not, but I didn't think I'd get that many. Aeon Chronicler is another rare I've had disputes over so I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.

By the end I've got 10-12 creatures and 12-14 spells. My creatures are all pretty mediocre, but with all my card-drawing and removal I'm hopeful I can get to the second round and then, who knows?

Round 1:

My opponent has never played MTGO before. He mulligans to 6, misses his second, third and 4th turn land drop, and then discards Halberdier. I win this one, despite having a bit of land trouble in game 2.

Round 2:

The Legendary Jon Finkel. One of the most feared players of the game. Someone you never want to sit across when facing elimination from prizes. I believe I've only played Jon once in Sanctioned Magic, and he beat me around at PT Chicago in the final rounds. He's also pretty good lifetime against me in money drafting. He might just be better than me.

I whip him in under 30 seconds.

Don't ask me - for some reason he dropped from the draft after winning the first round. Probably had millions to win in a sports betting emergency - perhaps the last minute odds on the NHL playoffs?

Round 3:

Not sure yet, I'm still waiting out my bye. But I thought I'd get this written before the draft ends so I can spend more time with the Armoire afterwards. While she enjoyed watching "300" last night, she's starting to give the computer quite the evil glare for all the time it takes from her. I've begun to worry that my power bar may go missing...

So should I play it out? Mediocre deck (as always), finals of an 8-4? Or take the 6 packs and live to fight another day, perhaps the 4X Sealed on Sunday?

EDIT: Cuneo draws with me in the Finals. The Armoire has arrived and I must be off to greet her!
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