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My Sister, Nicole Vienneau, Has Gone Missing in Syria - The Beginning Of My Ascendance — LiveJournal
April 22nd, 2007
10:59 am


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My Sister, Nicole Vienneau, Has Gone Missing in Syria

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Date:March 8th, 2010 04:27 am (UTC)

Re: Door Idea

We've recently re-reviewed all of our photos from Nicole's room. It may be something to post the next time I update. When I was in Hama I checked for street video cameras but except for a nearby bank (which wasn't able to help - the police asked), there was nothing. We have reviewed the various access points and scenarios and nothing has leaped out at us so far. The scenario that may work is someone with a key opened the door (no inside deadbolt) and subdued her quickly enough that no one noticed the noise.

At this point the most likely scenario is that she was taken from the hotel directly, or somehow convinced to get in a vehicle right after she left the hotel.
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